Frequently asked questions

What is Reiki?

Reiki, meaning universal life energy, is the energy that surrounds us and animates life. Once it’s ignited, Reiki can be applied in order to relieve pain and support and accelerate healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Numerous health practitioners and institutions, including Johns Hopkins Medicine, offer Reiki patient services.

What is Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho?

Established by Dr. Mikao Usui over one hundred years ago, Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho is a Japanese oral tradition that supports healing and brings balance into our lives.

What will my first Reiki session be like?

Reiki is known for its relaxing influence. Beyond that, everyone’s Reiki experience is different. You will lay on a massage table in comfortable clothing as your Reiki practitioner performs a variety of hand positions. Many people find the experience meditative; however, you are encouraged to ask questions or share your thoughts during the treatment.

Should I eat before my session?

Eating prior to a Reiki treatment is up to each individual person. Sometimes a person will be asked to lay on their stomach during part of their Reiki treatment, in which case, eating a large meal right before a treatment could cause some discomfort. Other than that, you are encouraged to arrive satiated.

Can I do Reiki if I am pregnant?

Prenatal Reiki is a beautiful way to support the relationship between mother and child. Prenatal Reiki is performed similarly to other Reiki treatments with focus placed upon keeping mother and child comfortable.

Andrea's Reiki Background

Andrea is a 7th generation (Level 2) Reiki practitioner in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition. Andrea has studied under Reiki Master Amy Erez. She came to the practice due to a strong calling. Extensive daily Reiki practices on herself has transformed her life.

How do I book my Reiki session?

To pay online, add your session to your cart and complete payment. Then contact Andrea to set up a date and time for your session. You may also pay by check or cash at the time of your appointment.

Andrea offers sliding scale options to accommodate a variety of financial abilities. Please contact Andrea to work out an arrangement.

Can my pet get a Reiki session?

Yes. Reiki is appropriate for everyone, even our furry, feathered, or scaled friends. Andrea’s dogs, Pepper and Rosie, receive Reiki every day. She has also given Reiki to cats, plants, and other animals. Reiki can help animals with the same issues as people, including anxiety and pain. And since Reiki is gentle and does not interfere with medicine, it can be used in conjunction with veterinary practices and other healing modalities.


Reiki etiquette

Arrive 5-10 minutes before your session

During your first session, you will fill out a form and have the opportunity to discuss any concerns or ask questions.

Turn off all electronic devices

In order to create the most healing and relaxing environment, please turn off anything that rings, dings or buzzes.

Avoid wearing perfume to your session

Reiki may be performed with aromatherapy at the client’s request. Wearing other scents can disrupt the aroma experience.

Advise practitioner of any injuries or health issues

This allows me to personalize the experience and ensure your safety.

Pet Reiki ettiquette

Animals should receive Reiki in a comfortable environment for them. Each session is tailored to the animal’s needs and wishes; therefore, each session may vary in length and method.